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What Does Your Product Do For Your Retail Customer? | Retail Today With Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doctor - Flash Briefing

March 13, 2020

Yesterday I was talking about employees and associates who just want to vomit useless fact after useless fact on people. They're typically kind of, an engineer or an analytical background and they think that the facts are what is going to make the sale.

And today's tip for you is, that you always want to lead with what the product does for the customer after you've talked to them. You don't want to talk about how much it cost, or just the facts.

Nobody buys based on just what the facts of what the product has. What they buy on, is what will work for them. And that's the key for you to think about today is. So, find your top five items, go over your crew with them, and then say, "What does this do?"

Now, that could be apparel. It's going to be more expensive, so it's not going to scratch your neck. It could be an appliance that goes through and it takes less water, or less energy. There's a million things that every retailer has that benefits the shopper, but if you're not looking at that and you think the product knowledge is your key more often than not you're just vomiting useless facts.

And frankly, all I need is three benefits and I'm going to buy it. So, today lead with what the product does, not what it cost, or the facts that it has.

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